New Audi S4 S6 Diesel Review


Let’s face it, we are incurable romantics, our passion is so strong that we always want to look beyond the logic of the market and the pure economic factor. For us, cars must speak, they must excite, with their design, with the sound of their exhausts, with their engine.

In recent years we have accepted the introduction of the automatic transmission on some types of cars; Ultra evolved automatic transmissions, which know how to best interpret the road in front of us, they can read every situation better than us and they are able to make just the right choice at the right time. To sum up, they told us that over a certain amount of torque, manuals no longer make sense that the logic of some cars can do better than 99.9% of us “common mortals”.  After many tests we accepted it and, in many cases, we are also happy.

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These gearboxes with an enormous amount of gears, always sound good, do the dirty work in traffic jams and sound even better on the racetrack.

The heart has given way to logic, but everything has a limit, and now it’s too much! Now Audi comes out saying that the new S4 and S6 will share the same diesel engine, and instead of announcing it, they put the cars on the market, ready to be sold. Those are excellent models, the link between the crazy RS4 and RS6 and the diesel SWs. But now they are powered by a diesel engine too.
They told us that the RS4 had to become turbocharged, that fuel consumption and torque would have benefit from it. Okay… but now this!

 Audi, in fact, never completely abandoned the idea of the diesel sports car. If it weren’t for Audi’s victory at Le Mans with a diesel car and their prototype of the diesel R8, it would seem an oxymoron.

Let’s quickly see the numbers: the S4 and S6 have about 350 hp and 700 Nm of torque.

The torque leaves us astonished, but not too much… after all it’s a diesel! In Ingolstadt, they promise a breathtaking sound and absolute driving dynamics and a powertrain that will not let you miss fuel. We’ll see.

In the meantime, however, let’s look at this car according to sales logic, according to those objective data that we would never like to take too much into account, but that inevitably a company must do. The RS4 has switched to a V6 biturbo, it would have been too risky to put the same engine “weakened” under the S4. That would have resulted with the suicide of one of the two models. Well, Audi has always wanted to demonstrate the sportiness of diesel. And let’s be honest, we have already accepted it, and we are glad that it came from Audi as well. They have the right knowledge of both sports cars and diesel technology, so after all, who better than them?

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