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Groundculture comes from an idea of ​​two friends that, one evening in front of a beer, decide to create a car club.

The first members of the crew are the closest acquaintances of automobile enthusiasts who decide to support the project, giving an identity to the group.

The project has always been clear: static or bagged cars, clean style with large cast or split wheels, a style that left its mark on every occasion.
With this philosophy since 2014 Groundculture makes a group, as well as community and automotive blog, of Italian lowlife culture well distinguishable for its style in car modification, constantly increasing the ranks of followers on their Facebook and Instagram pages, in addition the group in the course of the years has become very active and present at events related to clean cars, low and german style cars such as Gti Worthersee Treffen, Xs Car, So.Ga and other national events.

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The initial idea of a car club is supplanted by a fraternal friendship that binds all the members of the crew, so unlike many other groups that tend to expand constantly, Groundculture tends to tighten the relationships between its historical members approaching all the members so they can spend their free time in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

In addition to the modified GC cars. he is actively involved in photo and video shooting of high quality thanks to his media crew that engages in services both for cars inside and outside the club.

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