Honda NSX the “New Sport eXperience”


In more recent times, Honda has been dusting off the name NSX to amaze again, without changing the recipe, keeping the continuity with the Japanese philosophy.  

The futuristic line was already in the air for a long time with the various concepts and images available on the internet, but seeing a production car that manages to retain most of the stylistic solutions of the original prototype is no small thing.

The NSX project was born thanks to Honda’s victories and experience in Formula 1 and thanks to an exceptional test driver, Ayrton Senna. Honda had put futuristic stylistic solutions on the plate to develop a thoroughbred sports car to compete with the most famous European brands. The search for technological innovation also characterizes this new model that, starting from design, promises to make you dream again. In fact, for a mid-engine car, this Honda NSX looks very balanced and dynamically very agile which is not a foregone conclusion. As before, there are no frills, but the must remains the simple formula that states: “form follows the function”.

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Let’s review what makes this new model special and for what reason, because in my humble opinion, it should be appreciated. Honda pushes it to the next level up again and, always in its own way, recreates a milestone no longer in the world of sports cars, but in fact in the world of supercars. The new NSX has 4 engines: the central rear engine, a V6 biturbo 3.5 liters able to deliver about 507 hp that is coupled to 3 electric units.

An electric motor is mounted directly on the gearbox, while the other two motors are mounted on the front axle, also managing the distribution of torque on the front wheels, transforming the NSX into an intelligent four-wheel drive. The electric unit provides an extra 74 hp for a total output of 581 hp. The management of the collaboration between these engines is entrusted to a refined electronics able to adapt the car to the most diverse situations.

Not only because of the enormous leap in power, but also because of the complete driving dynamics this giant step forward is clearly visible. The new NSX has different driving modes, from “comfort” to “track”, passing through more or less sporty modes that are able to adapt the mechanics of the car to the most diverse situations: from city driving to the track. 

The dual clutch gearbox has 9 gears to ensure the right gear and a lightning-fast gear change in every situation. 

Honda is able to produce an innovative product while remaining faithful to its essence of sportiness and innovation: the multi-component chassis, while remaining lightweight, is much stiffer than most of the competitors. Moreover, despite the configuration of a two-seater sports car, the external visibility, as on the old model, remains excellent. However, the most important innovations are not visible but they must be experienced while driving. Honda worked hard to propose a worthy heir of the NSX model and this has included the development of new technologies. 

In addition to the hybrid, wire brake control is one of the most important innovations introduced. Despite the absence of analogue controls, this digital platform still promises feedback and controllability worthy of its segment. 

The direct steering and electric motors with torque vectoring at the front make the NSX a lightning bolt in curves and together with the magnetic-ride suspensions adapt the set-up of the car in fractions of a second, always having the optimal set-up and the perfect combination of the various components in response to external situations.  

With its sophisticated design and hybrid technology, this NSX is sure to be an objectively interesting car, even though nothing that moves a supercar buyer is objective. Honda tries to put logic and rigor back into a world dominated by emotions. The latest NSX is being understood more now than then… and this new model, built in North America and designed for the US market seems to arouse a lot of interest in Europe, but nothing more than this. “Posterity, the arduous verdict will declare”.

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