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Name: Dennis Perpetua
Message: Hello,

We’d like to offer you payments in exchange for article placements,

My name is Dennis Perpetua, and I am part of the team behind as the Blogger Outreach Manager.

I discovered your blog and decided to get in touch because I believe that a lot of bloggers are interested in pursuing long-term collaborations with various clients for mutual business benefits.

Our company can help you foster new connections with our clients themselves. We can do this by working together on creating and publishing content as part of their marketing campaigns. It’s either we send over quality guest posts for publication, or you write and publish sponsored content.

You’ll surely gain additional revenue from this.

Would you be happy to discuss it further with us?

Kind Regards,

Dennis Perpetua
Blogger Outreach Manager

Date: 29th April 2020
Time: 19:26
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