360 interior exterior

The JOSEFIN GARAGE Team has a plurennial experience in Tuning branch of vehicles. We develop customised solutions for the vehicles of our customers, reflecting their own wishes.

Every person has his or her own personality and we are asked to transfer this unique feature in their vehicles. We are always challenged to find innovative and original solutions that embrace the philosophy of the driver.

Therefore, we are pleased to assist our customers in the personalisation of every detail of their vehicles, whether regarding the interior or the exterior or both of them. We are proud to present always innovative solution through the usage of technologically advanced instruments and original materials.

Exteriors: besides tints, we work with the latest wrappings technologies and technique to offer a product range always up-to-date. Moreover, we develop and realise front and rear spoilers, wings, appendixes and many other details in the more sophisticated materials, one for all, carbon fiber. We provide our customers bespoke wheels and upgraded break system, to guarantee a 360° performance. 

We take care of a sporty look, where elegance and weight saving are always a must. Your vehicle will not go unnoticed 

Interiors: We extend the same care we take for the exteriors of the vehicle, to the interiors. The sole limit is the imagination, and ours is vast. We customized interiors adding new solutions and designs whether in leather or Alcantara® and we further personalize the trims for example in carbon fiber.     

Contact us to get more information regarding your specific project and get ready to turn your vehicle in a unique ride!


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