After Market Retrofit

The automotive market is constantly changing and the car manufacturers are ceaselessly producing new models, new versions and several restyling at a very fast pace. All of this causes the phenomenon that some years ago was proper only of the technological sector: once we buy a vehicle, it is already old. 

JOSEFIN GARAGE presents the solution for those clients who are still in love with their cars, but would like to install some of the appealing features and accessories proper of newer models or versions. 

The JOSEFIN GARAGE Team, thanks to its know-how, is capable of retrofitting a vehicle with aftermarket accessories, in order to reduce the aging and to augment the vehicle’s practicality. Drivers will no longer have to worry when they see a more appealing steering wheel on the new model, with new features, new design or new tints…   … the same can be said for lights design and for as many features as you can imagine.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and explain you wish. We will provide you with our best advice.  


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