ECU Remapping

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is a small device that controls the functions of the engine. Car manufacturers are able to set the parameters of how the engine will work and react in different conditions through this device. Since the same model of a vehicle is sold worldwide and must comply with different climates, regulations, different quality of fuels, car manufacturers tend to limit the engine potential through setting general parameters on the ECU for the whole market. 

Vehicle remapping consists of modifying the default software of the ECU, varying the engine working parameters. The software of the ECU, as every program, can be overwritten, with the final aim of optimizing the performance of your engine. This software is instantly plugged in your car using the OBD (on-board diagnostics) port that allows an easy and efficient communication between your vehicle and the software engineer. 

The process is simple as that, however, overwriting the software is not simple: each vehicle has its own engine and, despite the model being the same, there will always be differences. That is why the JOSEFIN GARAGE team uses its experience to tune each vehicle by working directly on the vehicle’s own software and not replacing the original file with generic files developed for the specific model. Those are in fact based on generic parameters that do not reflect the real status of the single owner’s vehicle.

Unleashing the real power that your engine is capable of, is the main reason why customers come to ask us for ECU remapping. However, intervening on single parameters allows us for example to focus on increasing the torque as well as clearing the throttle response for a smoother power delivery. More power, in some cases, can result in more fuel economy as well. A sporty driving style together with the increased power obtained with the ECU remapping can result in a higher fuel consumption. However, in many occasions, having more torque at your disposal will allow the user not to drop gears as well as going at constant speed (e.g. highway speed), therefore needing less throttle. Thus, more power with a smart driving can improve the fuel economy.

ECU remapping will not be detectable by many devices, therefore not affecting the warranty of your vehicle. However, it is important to understand that we cannot guarantee that.

The ECU remap does not affect the car durability. The aim of ECU remapping is exploiting the real potential of your engine, so that your engine can freely work how it was supposed to, before being limited by the ECU. However, the driving style of the driver is the only real element that can affect the life of the vehicle, for example overstressing the components.

There is a general confusion between ECU Remapping with Chip Tuning and here we try to explain it. The definition of “Chip Tuning” or “Chipping” refers to the old procedure with early ECU of editing the parameters of the original software with a chip. The OBD has been making this procedure simpler and more effective. The JOSEFIN GARAGE team has the know-how to perform the “Chip Tuning” on older vehicle and unleash their power.


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