Mazda Miata MX-5 30th Anniversary Review


The Mazda MX-5, or “Miata”, called with its American name, is considered by many as the sports car “per excellence”, not to mention that in 30 years more than a million units have been sold worldwide.

Convertible, two-seater, low weight, front mid-engine, enough power and rear-wheel drive. In short, an essential car that embodies the right recipe for fun. This year exactly 30 years have passed since the presentation of the first version (NA), and yet the most “hungry” purists are still looking for this first model incessantly, both because of its ever-green appearance, and because of all those details such as the Momo steering wheel and the retractable headlights that make the first Miata a timeless cult. In short, all those “details” typical of the late ’80s and early ’90s that will never equip modern cars again…

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Well, the fourth generation, the ND is renewed, but not too much. The futuristic line of this model may be different in terms of design (perfectly successful) from its ancestor, but not in conceptual terms. Mazda have managed to interpret perfectly the future and the change of the industry, keeping the spirit unchanged. Any other task would not have been harder.

The real question is “how can you improve a product universally appreciated and praised, without making it a complete disaster? The answer is simple, but not easy to accomplish: Mazda’s commitment has been such that the ND appears today more in shape than ever, with the right technology to make it a car in line with its times and its unmistakable MX-5 DNA that makes it an “instant classic”. 

The 30th Anniversary version will arrive in Italy in 90 exemplars (3,000 total units worldwide) and the 2.0 with 184 hp is the right companion when it comes to having fun. The soft roof has that romantic taste that all convertibles should have and not to forget anything, this model will be equipped with forged wheels (even lighter than normal), Brembo brakes and Recaro seats with integrated speakers in the headrests, that fit into the connectivity system of the car.

Mazda, with the MX-5, has raised the bar again, expanding the range of the MX-5, adding to the classic convertible a similar but very different version, the beautiful RF. The MX-5 RF is a convertible coupe with a rigid roof, a “targa” then, where only the top of the roof is folded electrically behind the seats (without taking away space from the boot!!!). The part behind the headrests has a particular design that shades smoothly towards the rear spoiler. This version is a valid alternative to the classic convertible, without forgetting the elegance of this closed and open roof design, making it looking alike a “Bond car”.

Then, let’s not forget the aspects that many people are more interested in: the performance. Let’s start from the simple formula that says “Japanese car” and let’s add the factor “car produced in large numbers” and as a result we will get an incredible amount of possibilities of tuning and tuning accessories of all kinds: from aesthetic solutions, to aerodynamic kits, to rims, to suspensions, to exhausts and engine elaborations. Let’s remember that the 2 litre 184 hp engine is an aspirated engine that doesn’t lack anything, but there are many “turbo” solutions for those who will not be satisfied.

In short, this iconic toy can be defined as the car for everyone (or almost everyone). Left completely original it is a finished car, which lacks nothing and knows how to entertain. In the same way, it is a good starting point for the most extravagant creations and for those who want to dare. The choice is yours! 

Well, the Mazda MX-5 renews itself while remaining true to its nature, manages to impress with its own recipe.

But perhaps, precisely in this sector where the change is so rapid and sharp, is not the ability to remain faithful to their traditions that indeed amazes?

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