Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4 – 2020 Comparison


Toyota Supra


Bmw “Zukunft” 4 and Toyota Supra. The first has made the hearts of many fans beat faster. The pragmatic German, reliable, two-seater car, rear-wheel drive, which after a (perhaps) too logic model is renewed and gets again the soft top. The Supra is the iconic of “import-car”. A few words can describe the emotions that you feel in the presence of this sacred monster, even if we do not see many in Europe. Well, what do these two cars that belong to such different worlds have in common? The new generations, everything. The partnership between Toyota and BMW gave rise to the Supra, which is now developed on the Z4 platform. The two cousins share the same 340 hp V6 3.0 engine, chassis and electronics.

Many purists will be now ready to complain. The only substantial difference between the two is that the Japanese will remain just a coupé, while the Teutonic, a classic convertible with the soft top, as we said. The same recipe applied to such different philosophies is not the usual “heated soup”. You have to look at the contents, and here the interpretations of the two car brands mean that the two cars are very different to the practical effects. After a first common step in the development of the chassis elements, the respective manufacturers continued the development in an individual way, to give the right imprint to their cars.

The BMW Z4 with its six-cylinder twin scroll is anything but a “Sunday car”.

The sporty chassis and the powerful engine give it more of a small touring feel. Despite the soft top, the Z4 remains very enjoyable and quiet and BMW have worked hard to ensure maximum comfort even when the roof is down. The 8-speed ZF gearbox is very fast and precise in the gearshifts and always ready when you call in the gears from the gas pedal. The design of the new Z4 is very elegant and modern, in line with the new BMWs and perhaps for this reason does not attract, in my opinion, particularly attention. The same can be said of the interior. Beautiful, well-engineered, qualitatively suitable for the car and equipped with the latest technology, but virtually identical to other BMWs, one of all, the 8 series. 

A good choice, a sports car with a good sound, but that perhaps lacks that hint of “wow factor” that has never been typical of German concreteness. When you think that the choice between Z4 and Supra is only between soft top or hard top, you are wrong. It is a way of living the car, a choice made of many small differences, which contribute to make the driving experience very different. The Z4 is a more mature and sober car, more “logical” and predictable both in its look and in its driving. It is the car known for its reliability and refined sportsmanship.

You know exactly what you can expect from this automobile and it won’t surprise you, neither disappoint you – it will give you exactly that. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a very successful project. Do not get me wrong, the Z4 is not a boring Christmas bingo among relatives, where you have to wear yet another woolen sweater, lovingly handmade by grandma. It is more of a dinner in an elegant suit in your favorite “Michelin” restaurant.

You know that you will eat well, you like the beautiful environment, you might surprise yourself trying the new dessert on the menu, but it is not necessary. You can always have the same dishes and you’ll still be happy.

You are pleased to be where you are and have nothing to envy… 


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