Hyundai I30N Performance Review


The Hyundai I30 N Performance is a true revelation in the peppery hatchback segment, dominated since years by the most famous GTI and RS and many other competitors. Now Hyundai, thanks to Albert Biermann (father of many BMW M), does the trick again and, after a hard training in rallies, is ready to launch this new interesting project.

This small everyday sports car comes with a 2-litre twin-scroll 275 hp performance version, oversized brakes, bars to stiffen the body, a time overboost and manual gearbox.  The acronym “N” comes from the name of the centre where the Namyang Hyundai sports cars are developed, but there is a waste of references with the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, where this Korean all pepper has travelled many kilometres to refine its sporting DNA.

In its debut year, the baptism of fire was Hyundai’s participation in the Nürburgring 24-hour race, using as much as possible on the race car, the components of the production car. 

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It’s always a pleasure for us fans when a young promise comes up in the ring ready to undermine the big names that have been competing for the world title for years. This i 30 N seems to have started with the right spirit and to have all the papers in order to have its say.

The sporty interior, together with a rich standard equipment and technology suitable for this type of car, are certainly the perfect ingredients for a good recipe. The breath-taking sound is the best soundtrack for driving on the track or on mountain roads and, at the touch of a button, the manual gearbox activates automatic rev-matching which, in addition to making you look good, gives you a further thrill of pleasure along the back during each climb.

Let’s face it, we like this car, and even those who twist their noses a bit because of the brand of origin that does not (yet) have too many affinities with the world of racing, remember that Hyundai is committed to the World Rally Championship and the TCR championship, just to name a few examples.

Come on, now we want to find some criticism too. Well, the i30N has an aesthetic appearance all too sober, proper of those who have a real potential but do not want to show it off. But is that a real criticism? In reality, this figure leaves a lot of room for customizations aimed at making the car even more unique, almost like a blank canvas, with few frills and frills, to create their own masterpiece. As in the Asian tradition, the colours proposed are simple and very “basic”; for the bravest, therefore, design solutions are needed to stand out from the crowd.

By now you know us a little and you know that we like to enhance the cars also for their predisposition to be able to give that something more. And here on the i30 N you can indulge yourself. The sports components can be further improved to emphasize the performance in terms of power, trim and sound, extrapolating the best from all its parts.

In short, what can I say? A new car coming from Korea is getting ready to raise its voice in the segment of practical sports cars with strong character. And they confirm that soon a more racing and lighter version will be presented.

We welcome this new bomb and accept the challenge, and you?

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