Best of Italy Race and Tour 2019


Everything is ready for another edition of the Best of Italy Race and Tour. This year, the Italian Festival of Speed will renovate its programme, keeping its winning essence. 

This year, 13 – 15 September, make sure you keep your agenda free from any other appointment. You do not want to lose your chance to admire some of the finest automobiles and motorbikes ever build which will run flat out on the street!
Yes, this is not just another car meeting where the people pay a ticket to take pictures around cars that stay parked all day long.
Everything will start on Friday, where some brave drivers will join the shakedown at Autodromo di Modena, testing their vehicles during a morning session.

It is the weekend though, when the real party begins.

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For those who are still not familiar with this format, The Best of Italy Race (BOIR), is a meeting dedicated to Italian supercars, Italian motorbikes and Italian bicycles which will entertain spectators for an entire weekend through events scheduled on a closed public road of 15km.
Due to the fact that the location becomes a temporary private circuit, race cars and race motorbikes are allowed to join too, giving to the public an extraordinary performance.
This year’s edition, the forth one, the BOIR will allow half of the cars and half of the motorbikes from non-Italian brands, becoming a sort of “Italy vs Rest of the World” concept.
Here there is no competition; there is no rivalry, just an amazing atmosphere which rewards the passion for beauty.
This edition will take place between the locations of Bobbio and Salsomaggiore; two wonderful cities surrounded by stunning streets, immersed in the breath-taking Italian landscape. No surprise, a big slice of the participants comes from other European countries to take part in this unconventional party where the Italian “Dolce Vita” seems to be the light motive.

Participants can look forward to extraordinary automobiles and motorbikes, curvy roads surrounded by postcard-like scenery and Italian food. For this reason Josefin Garage and Ragazzon Exhausts decided to renovate their official partnership with BOIR and their role of official sponsors of the event. 

During the 3 days you will be able to take a look the latest creations that Josefin Garage and Ragzzon Exhaust will showcase and check out the latest solutions in terms of car tuning.

The Team of Josefin Garage and Ragazzon Exhaust will be there to answer your questions and to provide the best advice for your own projects.
Their valuable know-how and long expertise are crucial for presenting you with the latest news in the automotive sector with respect to tuning modification. 

The Best of Italy Race is the perfect occasion to meet a lot of cars and motorbikes enthusiasts who share the same passion. It is the perfect Italian stage to display the latest projects.

This event fascinates millions of fans who follow with always more and more interest this event which is the only Italian dynamic festival. 

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