The Dallara Stradale – Review, Performance and Specs


What happens when one of the Italian excellences involved for years in the development of chassis for the motor racing, decides to develop a road car? Well, the result is there for all to see: the Dallara Stradale.

A brief introduction, Giampaolo Dallara, the engineer par excellence is the father of the famous Lamborghini Miura, still considered one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

The Engineer Dallara, despite his age is just over 80 years old, still has the mentality and passion of an exuberant young man with a great desire to do. He loves to be surrounded by young talents and sees in the new generations, the only possible future to continue the activity of his flourishing company.

In the heart of Varano de’ Melegari, he brought to life his dream of a lifetime: creating a road car.

Coming from a complete knowledge of the racing world, the Dallara company has an infinite wealth of technical knowledge to create a high-performance car.

However, this asset is not enough to be able to create a car inclined to the road and, above all, has a valid homologation for different countries. So, in order to pursue this umpteenth dream, the engineer Dallara and “his boys” (as he calls his collaborators) wanted to accept this challenge.

The result was presented for the eightieth birthday of the founder, who was cruising himself through the streets of Varano with the new creature. The Dallara Stradale is a 100% Italian car and 100% homologated for road use, even if it is oriented to track driving. The proof of its sporty DNA is given by the team of testers called to develop this car: nothing less than Loris Bicocchi and Mario Apicella, two names that speak for themselves. Dallara achieved of reinventing the” sports car”.

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A carbon chassis, refined in the company’s wind tunnel, which reincarnates all the technical knowledge acquired over the years: a clean and simple line without unnecessary aerodynamic frills, in a two-seater configuration. Everything in the Dallara Stradale has a specific function and nothing is left to chance.

The car weighs about 850kg and with the sports wing generates up to 820kg of downforce. The powertrain is a 2.3-liter ecoboost (developed from the Ford engine) that drives up to 400 hp. There are two types of suspension available, two types of rims to choose from. The interior is devoted to sportiness with the steering wheel controls of headlights, indicator and so on, to leave the driver always focused.

The seats are part of the chassis and the car has no doors. In this configuration, similar to a “barchetta”, you have to climb over to be able to enter, but a step in the seat is the perfect support to enter and exit. In addition, behind the backrest there is a compartment to accommodate a full face helmet.

Yes, the Dallara Stradale must be driven with a helmet because in the basic configuration of “barchetta” there is no windshield. However, you can add a removable one, equipped with wiper, which can be fixed to a “T-bone” on the roof that can hinge two doors, to close the car completely. Sure, you cannot take the roof with you, so before you go out, you will have to choose the right setup…

But please name me another “track ready” car that offers these options. There is also a “track-focused” package for purists, which includes some adjustments related to the suspensions and the giant wing we talked about earlier.


Gearbox available: a manual or robotized 6-speed gearbox with paddles. The production is limited to 600 pieces and the lucky owners can choose among various customizations, including the carbon body on sight. Returning to the Ford powertrain (let’s call it like that, since it shares a lot with this engine), it is an engine that can easily accommodate more power. For those who tend not to be satisfied, even the exhaust can be “upgraded”. Of course, not from Dallara directly, but from Josefin Garage, who already have a lot of experience on the 2.3 Ecoboost and exhaust systems. You are welcome to visit!

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