BMW M2 2020 Review and Performance


It is well known that after the notorious M3 e46 and the 1M Series coupe, the sporty variants of BMW have increased the sizes of its engines as well as weight and car sizes have grown as well. 

In order to experience real emotions, we need cars with low weight, rear-wheel drive and enough power to have fun and drive hard; keeping a human budget: that’s why the BMW M2 seems to be the right choice.

The classic Bavarian six-cylinder-in-line is accompanied by a turbine and delivers a total power of about 370 hp. This is combined with the above mentioned rear-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. This respectable pedigree and its dynamic qualities make this little German getting into the Supercar field with not too many problems.

Yet this “perfect” recipe may still seem not having too much taste to some… you may need to add the right amount of chili to it!

Check the new BMW M2 Exhaust Systems.

So let’s give a call to the Masterchef JosefinGarage and ask him to explain this succulent exotic dish to us. The starting point is a beautiful M2, with the very original 370 hp. To the most nostalgic, this car seems to be the direct descendant of the legendary e30.

Anyway, by now we should know that the first intervention is always the same: ECU and exhaust. On this point, Ragazzon has the right plug&play solution, a 300 cell cat and a complete exhaust with valves, combined with an accurate remap that takes into account the new parameters, to maximize the effectiveness of the new components. 

On a second step, this particular model received a new air intake system, with a 100-cell catalyst and an increase in the original turbo, which we know is quite different from changing the turbine with a larger one. In addition, a special carbon extractor has been developed with an integrated handmade exhaust. This work gave the beast a total output of 475hp and over 650Nm of torque. To unload all the torque, in addition to new high performance tyres, the Bilstein B16 pss 10 set-up was fundamental: the right compromise between a rigid sports set-up, which is able to face the “obstacles” of the everyday roads. 

The rear wing deserves a chapter of its own. JosefinGarage has created this incredible detail using the emotional images of the Hommage as a reference. We all dreamed that the concept would become reality and now, thanks to a careful work of fine tuning, it is. 

The construction uses an accurate process of digitization and the latest technologies in terms of vacuum carbonfiber processing. Available now for your M2.

This car represents one of the highest expressions of tuning and affinity between the wishes of the owner and the vast know-how of JosefinGarage, which deals with every aspect of vehicle tuning, bringing projects that start from simple sketches or images from the Internet, to a solid reality.

The wrapping of VistosiGraphics by Marco Vistosi and the matching of colors and circles, are created in direct collaboration with the owner of this Beast (call it again M2 does not sound just right). This guy, whom I was lucky enough to meet, is a young man with a lot of passion for his work and a lot of inspiration: almost the perfect stereotype of “genius and unruliness”. The combination of so many different colors, patterns and decorations blends into a perfect harmony. Many stories and passions are represented in every single centimeter of the “Biemer”.

Now I’m talking to both of them, to JosefinGarage and to Driver… Find a suitable name for this wonder!


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